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By selling 3.5 million copies within a day, Diablo 3 broke all records and became one of the bestselling video game of all time. It became a rage and continued to be a rage even after months of its release. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo 3 goes way beyond our imagination featuring elements of dungeon crawl and hacks and slash genres. It was launched in Latin America, South Korea, North America, Taiwan and Europe on the 15th of May and in Russia on the 7th of June 2012.

The design of Diablo 3 very interesting and the credits for its plot go to the story line that is follows. The game takes place in a Sanctuary and the main characters are Nephalem, Tyrael and Leah. There are numerous other characters supporting the protagonists and the plot and to some extent, help in creating the suspense existing in the game. As the story proceeds, these characters begin searching for a mysterious stone that can trap the souls of the seven demons of Hell which is the Black SoulStone which is desired by all, Angels and Demons. The Demons want it so that no one goes against then and they rule over mankind and the Angels desire to have it so as to protect the human race from being ruled over by the Burning Hell.

Diablo has been portrayed as a negative character, a demon who wants to be all powerful and dominate over the world, making humans his slaves and puppets. This, he can achieve after he has the all the souls of the seven demons of Hell. Once he attains this, he shall become the ‘Prime Evil’. Later in the story, Diablo succeeds in this task and starts attacking the Heavens. His primary aim is to demolish the ‘Crystal Arch’, the source of power for all angels of the Heavens. If he is able to do so, the Angels shall loose all their powers and humans shall be left with no escape and no hope.

The story of Diablo 3, thus, is about the adventures of the characters and how they go about looking for clues to save High Heavens from the Prime Evil- Diablo. Bigger and better than Diablo and Diablo 2, Diablo 3 promises to take you on a thrilling and exciting journey, full of so many events, surprises and dark secrets, you would never want it to end.