Path of Exile Expansion Review: Sacrifice of the Vaal

The Path of Exile Expansion: Sacrifice of the Vaal is a must-try if you are fond of playing video games. It is not just for the avid fans of Path of Exile, but it has everything that will bring your gaming experience to the next level.

Introducing the new villain Queen of Vaal, Atrizi, the game was genuinely outstanding when it comes to utilizing the background of this character to entice the players of Path of Exile. The new boss monsters, skill gems, and items significantly enhance the challenges in the game. It is a mix of new and old mechanics, making this combination full of surprises as players try to complete each challenge and conquer enemies.

You should expect that the new monsters will also be more powerful than the previous ones. There is a total of 60 new additions. Each is distinct from the other monsters. There are also a few changes made to the map system, in which some zones possess more magical properties that will allow the characters to use other strategies to gain points.

There is also a Vaal vessel that contains the new items, but the characters can only access it once they can slay the boss as part of their progression. It is also worth noting that the new skill gems are more impactful compared to the previous versions. Aside from their improved appearance, they also have more incredible punch and power compared to their old counterparts. You can charge up these Vaal skill gems every time you slay monsters.

The expansion also targeted the improvement of Vaal Orbs. Although they are hard to obtain, these pieces produce a higher payout. Furthermore, they can be used to augment gems, flasks, weapons, equipment, and even maps. They can improve the quality of the item, thus, making its effect stronger. With these developments we have in mind, you can expect that the Path of Exile: Sacrifice of Vaal deserves a try!