Top 10 MMORPGs

Top 10 MMORPGs

With a plethora of MMORPGs in the online world, you may want to know which of them is the best.
With their features, a variety of skills, visual and sound effects, and intensity of each level, these ten
games deserve a spot in the gaming world!

1. World of Warcraft - a combination of fantasy and science fiction. It did several expansions, and
one of the best craftsmanship Is the Battle for Azeroth.

2. Final Fantasy XIV – a pay-to-play game that allows the gamers to act in different roles despite
portraying a single character.

3. Guild Wars 2 – a flexible game that you can play without a subscription fee. Players are allowed
to choose among a wide variety of professions and skills.

4. The Lord of the Rings Online – players can choose among the numerous races available in the
game such as Elf, Man, and Hobbit. You can also learn to play a musical instrument you choose
when you reach the fifth level.

5. Black Desert Online – a Korean MMORPG that utilizes the benefits of an action combat system
wherein you don’t need to aim at your enemies manually to beat them.

6. RuneScape – a game with a free option to access its content, but gets better when you go for
the paid version. The latter will allow you to enjoy more exciting features, challenging quests,
and skill level.

7. The Elder Scrolls Online – this game is considered unique among the other MMORPG because it
uses third-person action. An abundance of quests and various skills are also available.

8. EVE Online – can be accessed using a free alpha account. It features the Museum of Art that
allow players to progress to advanced starships by continuously building them.

9. MapleStory – it includes many distinct combat classes that hone the mastery of players.
Congratulate yourself if you reach level 250 because it also means that you have the most
powerful skill.

10. TERA – its free version may have fundamental features, but opting to Elite account will provide
you a faster way to level up. It gives a fast-paced action using an action combat system.