Path of Exile

It's the ultimate D2 clone. Absolutely essential for all the old time Diablo 2 lovers to try .

Gaming Boasts

  • Receive reputation in regular events
  • Remain competitive within the ladder and along with your ratings
  • Exclusive gaming areas and monsters
  • 3 dimensional world seen through fixed angle pov
  • Accommodating scalable numbers of players
  • Will remain free to enjoy


Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand has come up with a winning formula for their latest product, a new dark fantasy themed RPG called Path Of Exile. It is currently being tested in a beta version, and is only available online, completely for free. Whether the game stays online will depend largely on the response it gets from the RPG loving public. Based on what we've seen so far, we see no reason to doubt that Path Of Exile will soon develop a fairly large and devoted following. It has all the elements of a classic dark fantasy based RPG.

While some may find many of the elements of Path Of Exile to be similar (some may so, uncomfortably close) to games such as Diablo III, others will shrug off the coincidences and simply enjoy the game for what it is - a multi leveled, very complex, RPG which is recommended for players who enjoy creating very complex characters. Those of you who enjoy role playing with very detailed characters will find Path Of Exile to be a very satisfying RPG experience. Those of you who prefer more direct, simpler, sword and sorcery RPG's may want to stay away from this one. It all comes down to the amount of time and energy you want to invest in creating your characters.

For players who have the necessary time, energy, and imagination to invest in creating multifaceted, complex, characters, Path Of Exile will definitely reward them. Add to this some incredibly sophisticated sound effects and graphics (apparent even in the current beta version), and we believe that Grinding Gear has delivered a game with a bright future ahead of it. We believe that Path Of Exile will be able to overcome the association with similar games, and develop a following of its own. We highly recommend this game!


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